What recent Hurricane homeowners should learn about their air conditioner

If you’re a recent homeowner in Hurricane, you’re probably quite excited. However, the situation can be stressful as well, especially as you work to learn everything your house needs to stay in great condition. It can look like there’s no way to know you’ve got everything covered. That’s where you can turn to our Experts. When it comes to keeping your air conditioner in perfect order, here are a few of the simplest things you can act on to discover more about your HVAC, which will help prepare you for annual maintenance, as well as identifying the issues that need the assistance of a licensed professional. Keep going to check them out!

Learn about your cooling system

As you may have figured, understanding the basics of your AC is an obvious way to begin. Find where the equipment is based in your house, as well as a copy of its guide. You can review all the major components and their associated terminology, which will be helpful when it’s time to work on any problems or damage to the machine.

Remember that mastering the basic aspects of your HVAC system is not a replacement for a licensed pro, so monitor things and let us know when it’s time for the Experts to handle it.

Work with your thermostat

If you’re hoping to save a bit of extra money on the weekends, change your thermostat settings. More updated models include a variety of programmable solutions that create more control over your home’s temperature than ever before. You can program the thermostat to only run heating or cooling when you’re home and present to enjoy it, so that when you’re off on business or a needed vacation, your thermostat is keeping energy costs cheaper. Every degree counts!

Don’t forget about the air filter

With the whole list of parts of your air conditioner to maintain, it’s easy to forget to maintain your air filter as well. But it’s a critical, monthly function that can save you quite a bit of time and money.

When you cleanse or change your filter every month or so, it lives on free from debris and is checked more often for usual wear. If you want to work on it yourself, go ahead, but don’t hesitate to find an appointment with an HVAC service technician in Hurricane for the peace of mind that your inspection was complete and accurate. With our help, you can avoid the prospect of your cooling system breaking down and keep those air filters fresh.

Work with a licensed team in Hurricane

If you’re able to settle into your newly purchased home without any skilled help regarding your cooling system, that’s great. But it’s a sad reality about home ownership that ultimately, something will emerge that you can’t and shouldn’t work on your own. When that happens, we hope you’ll turn to us for repair, maintenance, and even installation. Our expert staff can help you with all the most common problems that occur with your home comfort system, in a prompt way that protects your wallet.

We know that your comfort is a significant part of enjoying home ownership. That’s why our team will work with you to keep your AC system in peak condition, with the greatest quality service and experience. Give us a call to ask for an appointment, or just get more information about how we’re the best choice when it comes to HVAC.

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