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Receive 100% Satisfaction-Guaranteed Furnace Repair in Hurricane  

It’s alarming—not to mention uncomfortable— when your furnace is broken in the winter. Depend on the Experts for fast, reliable heating repair service in Hurricane Even in an emergency, our professional heating repair is just a phone call away. Count on Total Home Comfort for trustworthy furnace repair, thanks to our team of ACE-certified technicians.

Our furnace repair service is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a full year, so you can feel relaxed knowing your heating system is well protected!

You Can Depend on Service Experts Repair

Expert service provides lasting value to you and your sense of comfort. Here’s why you can always depend on us for your HVAC needs:

  • ACE-certified specialists

    Our technicians are ACE certified, which means they’ve completed some of the best industry training to better support you.

  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

    Our industry-leading guarantee ensures your satisfaction for a full year—you can depend on us to do whatever it takes to make it right.

  • License, bonded, and insured

    We carry all the applicable professional standards so you can be confident in our service.

  • Budget-friendly membership plans

    We offer a variety of maintenance memberships to give you the security of lower monthly energy bills and extend the life of your equipment.

Service Experts technicians repairing a furnace
Service Experts technician repairing a furnace

You Can Count on Our Highly Trained Technicians for Expert Service 

Having your furnace shut down unexpectedly on the coldest night of the year is a nightmare scenario, but we’ve seen it happen. And we’ve gotten our professional technicians there fast to correct the issue as soon as possible. Common furnace repair issues include faulty igniters in the burner assembly, clogged air filters, and dirty flame sensors—all of which can be identified and fixed by our experienced HVAC technicians. What’s more, they can check your system before you have a problem, so you can keep your home comfortable no matter the weather!

Trust us to get your furnace working properly. Call us at 304-760-5088 or choose a meeting time online. We’re happy to provide Expert furnace repair supported by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. Our Experts are just minutes away, whether you’re in need of a furnace repair on a cold winter night or an AC replacement before a heat wave arrives.

  • A popping disturbance is a common sign of an insufficient duct design. This happens when there’s more airflow than your ductwork can manage.

    Troubles with your ductwork can cause other ventilation and air quality disturbances, such as:

    • Significant noise
    • Greater energy needs
    • Early system malfunction
    • Irregular heating and cooling
    • Broken AC compressor in the summer
    • Too hot furnace or heat pump in the winter
    • Mold growth inside ducts

    Call a qualified company in Teays Valley Service Experts like to examine your home’s ventilation system. We can offer suggestions for duct repair or installation.

  • It’s common for your heating and cooling unit to make a little noise. However, hearing strange or loud noises could mean there’s an electrical problem or trouble with the blower fan or capacitor. If you don’t fix it, there can be serious (or expensive) consequences later.

  • This could be because of improper thermostat settings. Check that the fan blower is set to “auto” and not “on.” Other reasons include a damaged pilot light, restricted air flow due to dirty or clogged furnace filters, or blocked condensate lines. If issues persist, call Teays Valley Service Experts for prompt repair.

  • Our Membership Plans Make Repairs and Maintenance Cost-effective

    Make Expert HVAC service less costly with the same quality.

    We offer a range of flexible maintenance membership plans designed to help you afford to keep your heating and cooling systems in optimal shape and maintain your year-round comfort. You can also gain perks like priority service and discounts on repairs and equipment.

  • We advise the Advantage Program™ for its assurance of protection and long-term savings opportunities.
    Want to discuss our membership plans?

    Give us a call at 304-760-5088, and we’ll help you find the choice that’s best for you.

Additional Furnace Services

Furnace Maintenance

Routine protective maintenance from our Experts can optimize every part of your furnace’s efficiency!

Furnace Installation

We have years of knowledge installing all the best makes and models. Let us handle your next furnace installation.

Furnace Replacement

Swapping out an older furnace for a new one should be exciting, not a frustrating chore! We offer quick, seamless furnace replacement service.

Membership Plans

A maintenance membership plan with us offers more detailed protection as well as other helpful benefits. Sign up for a maintenance membership today!

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